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“月圣社教”总章程 “The moon Sage words Community Teach” General constitution “月圣社教”建立目的: 当今世界:全球面临相互核威胁、全球性大灾难越来越多、各个宗教战乱不停、能源危机越来越近、科学预测地球毁灭并不太远;在这种情况下,要防灾防毁,人们必须能做到行星间航行,要进行星际航行,必须要大力提升现有的科学理论和技术,破解星际人类长寿千年之方法,团结所有宗教、科学人类组建世界大同,共同发展,提升全人类素质,达到星际文明。因此,我们在此组建了:“月圣社教”。 “月圣社教”宗旨就是: 破解月球全部之奥秘,获取最高科学理论之圣言,组建宗教、科学世界大同之社区,教导拜金凡人之健康长寿。 “月圣社教”的任务: 第一,月:破解月球之奥秘。月球的来历和作用,月球人的最终任务,天宫存在的可行性研究报告,外星自身繁殖报告,宗教同宗-用原子核结构理论解码佛教及古典书籍,恐龙灭绝的真正原因等。从中获得科学知识和人类的来源。 第二,圣:从月球获得科学理论之圣言。核力性质和大小的计算,原子核具体组成结构,核的裂变具体位置,核聚变的具体过程及原理,氘与氘聚变生成氦3核是完全可控,从而得到UFO及母舰长途星际航行的能源和技术。 第三,社:组建宗教、科学世界大同之社区。组织有科学头脑或有宗教慧根或有缘之士,修炼“少氧寿经”理论之法达到长寿,适应长途星际航行之人员选择。 第四,教:教导拜金凡人之健康长寿。现今社会,经济发展,多数人以追求金钱为目的,钱越多还想多,并没有真正快乐,丰衣足食,大吃大喝,一身肥肉,最后医院人满床满,痛苦不堪,寿命夭短。于此教导所有人类,空时多修炼少氧寿经,达到健康,延长寿命,从内心获得愉悦。 “月圣社教”入社人员要求: 初步具有原子核物理知识、董得大多宗教最古老的创世纪传说、破解大多宗族上古神话等知识的全世界各类人士,提升自身素质修养,主动传播《奥源书》知识理论,为全世界宗教大同、全球科学大同、全人类长寿素质提升大同、让地球初步进入星际文明而奋斗终身,具有以上志愿和向往的人士都可申请入社。社团人员必须具有以上素质和遵守“月圣社教”章程,要求书面或电子申请加入本社团。(具有以上知识是为了区分:最古老的“神”部分指的是不同核子及性质,另部分指的是高科技的外星人类。及时立刻阅读《原子核的具体结构》和《核力性质和大小》也行。总之,一定要知道:世界上没有“神”。星际文明指:至少能驱使小型卫星或大型宇航船长期行驶在星际间,人的寿命达几百上千年以上,达到消耗食物氧气能量最小等。) 联系:lian0011@126.com QQ:342922500 “月圣社教”徽章badge: “The moon Sage words Community Teach” General constitution “The moon Sage words Community Teach” to establish: In today's world: the world is facing each other nuclear threats, a global catastrophe, more and more various religious war stop, the energy crisis is getting closer, scientific prediction of the destruction of the earth is not too far; in this case, to prevent disaster destroyed, people must be able to do the interplanetary voyage into the interplanetary voyage, we must vigorously promote the existing the scientific theory and technology, crack star thousands of years of human longevity methods, unity of all religions, the formation of scientific human world harmony, common development, improve the quality of human beings, achieve interstellar civilization. Therefore, we set up a "holy month of social education". “The moon Sage words Community Teach”This is the purpose To break all the secrets of the moon, to acquire the sacred words of the highest scientific theory, to establish a religious, scientific community of great harmony in the world, and to teach the health and longevity of money worship people. “The moon Sage words Community Teach” task: First, Moon: the mystery of the moon. The origin and role of the moon, the moon's final mission, the feasibility study report of the temple there, the alien reproduction report, religion - nuclear structure theory of Buddhism and decoding of classical books, the real reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Acquire scientific knowledge and source of human beings. Second, Saint: the sacred words of the scientific theory from the moon. Calculation of the nature of the nuclear force and the size of the nucleus, the composition of the concrete structure, the specific location of nuclear fission, the process and principle of nuclear fusion, the deuterium and deuterium helium 3 generation nuclear is completely controllable, so as to get the UFO and long distance carrier interstellar travel energy and technology. Third, Community: the establishment of religion, science, a community of great harmony. The organization has a scientific mind or religious wisdom or Yuan people, practicing "less oxygen. Based the theory of law to adapt to the long longevity, interstellar travel choice. Fourth, teaching: teach money worship, health and longevity of mortals. In today's society, economic development, the majority of people in the pursuit of money for the purpose, want to have more money, and not really happy, have ample food and clothing, eating and drinking, body fat, the hospital bed full of people with pain, short life of yao. In this way, all mankind should be taught, and the space time should be more practice, less oxygen, longer life, to achieve health, prolong life, and get pleasure from the heart. “The moon Sage words Community Teach” into the agency personnel requirements: Preliminary with nuclear physics knowledge, Dong was mostly the oldest religious Genesis legends, myths and other knowledge mostly crack clan in the world all kinds of people, improve their own qualities, active dissemination of 《Book of mysteries 》 the theory of knowledge, for the whole world, the global science and religion Datong Datong, Datong, to enhance the quality of human longevity let the earth entered interstellar civilization struggle for life, people have more voluntary and yearning can apply for admission. Community personnel must have the above quality and abide by the "St Social Charter, written or electronic requirements apply to join the club. (above) knowledge is to distinguish: the oldest "God" part refers to the different nucleon and nature, and the other refers to the high-tech extraterrestrial man. Timely read immediately "specific structure" and "nuclear" or the nature of the nuclear force and size. In short, we must know: there is no God in the world". Interstellar civilization means that at least it can drive small satellites or large space masters to travel in interplanetary space, which can last hundreds of thousands of years and reach the minimum energy consumption of food and oxygen。

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